‘Shoestring Letters’ author to speak

Edgar "Ed" B. Madsen
Edgar "Ed" B. Madsen

Imagine the thrill of finding long-forgotten letters stashed under the thatched roof of a home in Denmark, letters describing the families’ ship voyage to America in 1928, for instance.

Other letters give firsthand accounts of life in Denmark and America. The laments of dashed hopes by broken economies on both sides of the Atlantic, plus the trials and triumphs of World War II, which include Denmark’s finest hour in 1943. In America, immigrants sent their sons to war while joining hands to relieve post-war suffering over there.

One immigrant, Edgar “Ed” B. Madsen, fully embraced the American way of life and offered a touching tribute to all who ventured to America from their homeland by authoring the book “Shoestring Letters, A Tribute to the Immigrant.”

The public is invited to hear him speak at 1 p.m. Sunday, March 24, at the Sons of Norway, Cleng Peerson Lodge meeting at the Norway Community Building. 

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