Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bigotry is not patriotism

Failing to throw millions of citizens off of their health care, Trump now leads the Republican charge to target specific groups of individuals.

Citing health care costs, transgender people will be banned from serving in our military. Considering that only 15,000 are serving and therefore account for a small percentage of service members' health care costs, it becomes clear that finances really have nothing to do with this decision.

After all, services specific to transgender care cost a thousandth of 1 percent of our annual defense budget.

During Trump'’s campaign, he promised to defend LGBT rights and also to make us safer by strengthening our military. Given that he has already broken the promise to be a proponent of LGBT rights, it is no surprise that he is also now reducing the size of our forces through arbitrary means. This policy makes us less safe, and furthermore is cruel to individuals willing to put their lives on the line for us.

It sends the message that American patriotism is more about exclusion, hate and bigotry. Given that hate speech has been lately dismissed or condoned by the Republicans in power, it is unfortunate for the country that this measure will likely go unchallenged.

Jenica Roenneburg


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