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Letter: Freedom needed to choose

To the Editor:

The people in our U.S. Congress are struggling to pass a bill to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Congress’ 535 members are having difficulty in agreeing what is best for over 310 million individuals.

Perhaps the basis of their difficulty is that these decisions shouldn’t be made by them at all. Such personal decisions should be made by the people themselves.

We, the people, have different needs, wants and ideas. One size does not fit all. Our population is the most diverse on earth, coming from all places and cultures on this planet. To live freely and in peace, respect for that diversity is imperative.

During our lives, we make individual and often expensive decisions all the time. Should we go to college, start a business, buy a house, a car, a boat? Where we work, whom we marry, how many children we raise have been undirected decisions in our past. Whether or not we buy medical insurance and where we go for medical care is another choice in our lives and we have millions of different ideas about that, too.

Having the words “liberty” and the “pursuit of happiness” in our first founding document was no accident. We need liberty, the freedom to make our own choices in order to pursue our dreams. That freedom is guaranteed to us in the 10th Amendment to our Constitution.

The main function of our national government is to defend our Constitution and our people from enemies foreign and domestic. Every time laws are passed directing or restricting our choices, our national government becomes the enemy domestic.

If a Congress of elected representatives will not defend our right to live our lives as we choose, who will?

Lois Spizzirri


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